Week 5 (9/30/16-10/7/16)

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You Choose: 
  • Help write the class contract by synthesizing everyone's rules/expectations into 3-5 rules/expectations. Also include a brief explanation about your strategy for synthesizing (i.e. What decisions did you have to make and how did you make them?) In order to do this, I've shared the doc with you on Google Classroom. You will need to make a copy, do the work, and turn it back in. 
  • Complete the case study reflection. Open the doc on google classroom, make a copy, do the work, turn it back in on google classroom. 
  • We didn't have time to make videos for this project, but we can vote for the best video made by other students! They had to make a video with economic advice for the next president. Watch 10 (or more) videos on this website http://woobox.com/axkdoh (they are short, like one minute). The write a paragraph summarizing the advice that students gave. Then write a paragraph explaining which video you voted for and why. Submit your work on google classroom. 
Regardless of the option, your work should reflect middle school level thought and writing!

Week of 5/23/2016

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In preparation for the MAP Test, you make pick your own 5 IXL skills or do the 5 below. If you pick your own please send me an email letting me know which 5 you picked!
IXL - Level I

Week of 5/16/2016

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IXL - Level I

REMINDER! Test Reflections are due on Monday. You can choose 5 problems. Must be typed. 

Week of 5/2/2016

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REMINDER: Binder check for unit 3 lessons is on Monday!

1. IXL - Level I
2. Create a graph of your ideal week, emotionally speaking. Write 3 sentences to explain why this graph is right for you. Turn in a printed copy. 

Week of 4/25/2016

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1. Complete practice PARCC assessment using link on homepage
2. Complete PARCC reflection form on homepage using complete sentences and 7th grade quality work

Week of April 11, 2016

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1. Create a short Slides presentation or doc or something to explain the difference between volume and surface area to a 2nd grader. 
  • Must include pictures
  • Must include reference to an object in your life
  • Must use mathematically specific and accurate language. 
  • I will make an assignment on google classroom so that you can turn it in there :)
  • Your presentation should be better than the one your group made in class on Monday (those were rough drafts!)
2. IXL - Level I

Week of 3/14/16

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