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3. A manufacturer made 7,234 boxes of coffee stirrers. Each box contains 1,000 stirrers. How many stirrers did they make? Explain your thinking, and include a statement of the solution. 

4. A student used his place value chart to show a number. After the teacher instructed him to multiply his number by 10, the chart showed 3,200.4. Draw a picture of what the place value chart looked like at first. 

a. Explain how you decided what to draw on your place value chart. Be sure to include your reasoning about how the value of each digit was affected by the multiplication. Use words, pictures, or numbers. 

5. A microscope has a setting that magnifies an object so that it appears 100 times as large when viewed through the eyepiece. If a tiny insect is 0.095 cm long, how long will the insect appear in centimeters through the microscope? Explain how you know. 

The value of the 3 in 2.513 is ____ the value of the 3 in 20.43

  1. 1/100

  2. 1/1000

  3. 1/10

  4. 10 times as large as

Explain your answer.