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posted Jun 27, 2016, 4:09 AM by Linsey Rose

Chapter 5 and Chapter 6

Write a summary of the reading.

Answer 3 comprehension questions.

1.What is the purpose of Chapter 5 in the novel, back-story, a flashback or a foreshadowing? Why?

2. What war does Samantha reference?

3.What role does religion play in Frannie’s life?

4.Is the new boy White? If he’s not White, what might explain his skin color?

Answer 1 analysis question.

1.Explain Samantha and Frannie’s world views. How are they different? What experiences factored into each girl’s world view?

2.How does Frannie describe herself in these chapters? Do her actions match her idea of herself? Is this a conflict for her? Why or why not?