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posted Jun 29, 2016, 5:22 AM by Linsey Rose

Chapter 7

Write a summary of the reading.

Answer the vocabulary and language question.

1.“That night, we found out that she’d had a baby growing but the baby wasn’t thriving.” (p. 42) What does thriving mean?

Answer each comprehension question.

1.What does Frannie worry about when she arrives home?

2. How does Frannie feel about Sean?

Answer the analysis question.

1.What question does Frannie want to ask Jesus? What do you think she wants as an answer?

Analyze the poem by Emily Dickinson.

I had no time to hate, because

The grave would hinder me,

And life was not so ample I

Could finish enmity.

Nor had I time to love, but since

Some industry must be,

The little toil of love, I thought,

Was large enough for sure.

Define hinder:

Define enmity:

What is this poem about?

What would Frannie think of this poem? Why?