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posted Jul 5, 2016, 5:33 AM by Linsey Rose
Chapter 10

Write a summary of the reading.

Answer each comprehension question.

1.How does Jesus Boy say that he knows sign language?

2.What does Frannie learn when she meets Jesus Boy’s father?

Answer each analysis question.

1.Frannie compares herself to Sean a lot. Why do you think this is? How does it shape the story?

Analyze the poem by Emily Dickenson.

To fight aloud is very brave,

But gallanter, I know,

Who charge within the bosom,

The cavalry of woe.

Who win, and nations do not see,

Who fall, and none observe,

Whose dying eyes no country

Regards with patriot love.

We trust, in plumed procession,

For such the angels go,

Rank after rank, with even feet

And uniforms of snow.

What is described in this poem?

What is a “cavalry of woe”?

What does Dickenson value in this poem?