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Chapter 19 & 20

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Chapter 19 and Chapter 20

Write a summary of the reading

Answer the vocabulary and language question.  

1.Look up the word blasphemy. What is Samantha accusing Frannie of?

Answer each comprehension question

1.Why is Jesus Boy white?

2.Ms. Johnson gives an assignment to write about one event in great detail. What does Frannie write about?

Answer the analysis question.

1.Why does Frannie say that she went over to Trevor after the fight? Why do you think she doesn’t understand her motivations until her conversation with Samantha?

Analyze the poem by Emily Dickenson

When I hoped I feared,

Since I hoped I dared,

Everywhere alone

As a church remain;

Spectre cannot harm,

Serpent cannot charm;

He deposes doom,

Who hath suffered him.

What is this poem about?

What message about hope is Dickenson communicating in this poem?