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Final Assessment

posted Jul 20, 2016, 6:49 AM by Linsey Rose

Respond to each in complete sentences and paragraphs. Cite text evidence in your answers.

1.Make a list of the lessons that Frannie learned in this story. Which is the most important lesson that she learned? Why?

2.How is religion incorporated into the story?

3.How does Frannie change during this story?

4.In chapter 17, Frannie and Mama talk about memories and memory. When she is an adult, what moments from this story do you think Frannie will remember most? Why?

Analyze the Poem by Emily Dickenson.

Heaven is what I cannot reach!

The apple on the tree,

Provided it do hopeless hang,

That “heaven” is, to me.

The color on the cruising cloud,

The interdicted ground

Behind the hill, the house behind—

There Paradise is found!

What is this poem about?

What does Dickinson want the reader to take away?