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Night Chapter 1

posted Jul 25, 2016, 7:22 AM by Linsey Rose
Journal Choices
1. Write your responses to the book so far. You might also list questions and comments that come to mind as you read this part of the book. 

2. Create a timeline to show what has happened so far in the story. Add to the timeline as you continue reading. 

3. The word night is a key word in this section of the book. What does the word mean early in the first chapter? How does the meaning change as the story progresses? 

4. The narrator from time to time breaks away from the story to tell the reader about something that happened later or to ask a question. Why do you think he has chosen to do so? How is he preparing you for the rest of the story? 

5. The narrator mentions a number of events in this section that take place for the first or the last time. List as many as you can find. What do these events have in common? Why do you think the author has chosen to draw your attention to them? 

6. Describe in words what you think Eliezer looks like in the spring of 1944.